Minutes: September 22, 2017

AAUP Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2017
HLG 109-B; 1:00 pm

Members in attendance: 
Leslie Bary, Sheri Lazare, Lewis Denton, Jonathan Goodwin, Mark Smith, Chet Rzadkiewicz

Called to order 1:00 pm by Leslie Bary  (Bary).

There were no previous meeting minutes to approve.

Bary handed everyone in attendance an Agenda, notes on the agenda from AAUP President, Keith Dorwick, and 2 documents from national AAUP on harassment. 

Bary stated President, Keith Dorwick (Dorwick), is out of town and unable to make the meeting, but he did send along the notes on the agenda. Bary also stated she and Dorwick spoke at great length and she is able to fill in for him – and Dorwick is here in spirit. 

Bary began by encouraging those present and recruiting in each department to run for and participate in Faculty Senate. With the new blood in Faculty Senate with Chad Parker as President and Sheri Lazare as Secretary, things should start getting very interesting and it is worthwhile to be involved; and further stating, AAUP works with the Senate with issues of shared governance. 

AAUP is the professional organization for higher education faculty – started in 1915 – and are honestly here to help in any capacity. 

Bary then confirmed she is the AAUP Vice President and also serves in many other roles, including National Council. Bary will attend the state AAUP conference at LSU on October 21st, and AAUP is working in connection with Association of Louisiana Faculty Senates, so should be a valuable experience. 

Mark Smith will serve as AAUP Treasurer. 
The AAUP committee nominated Sheri Lazare (Lazare) to serve as Secretary and she has agreed to serve. There is a vote for confirmation needed. 
There were 5 votes yes, for Lazare to serve as Secretary, zero votes against, and 1 vote abstained. 

Lazare is officially elected AAUP secretary for 2017-18.

Bary continued in stating Grievance committee needs more members mainly because of scheduling conflicts. 

Bary stated there is also a Committee A, which will focus on academic freedom and tenure, as well as freedom to teach. 

Bary stated Dorwick has built a website for UL AAUP, and currently working out all the bugs with the various ways to communicate, but coming along great. 

Bary stated there was a quarterly meeting with Gov. Edwards’ assistant, Mark Cooper, about the state of higher education in the state from the faculty perspective. Requested a whitepaper for details. 

Bary moved the discussion to ways AAUP can gain and grow an appearance on ULs campus. 
Mark Smith suggested a possible sponsoring program for new members. 

Bary didn’t necessarily like the sponsoring idea, and not just because of the cost to members, but thought many wouldn’t appreciate it and still not participate and then the sponsor is out of money, and AAUP still without members. 

Jonathan Goodwin agreed that it is about more than just the membership fee.  Goodwin states there needs to be a way to explain what AAUP is and what it does, and just how helpful it is. 

Goodwin also states he has interest in participating in Committee A as the topics of the committee greatly interest him.  

Bary suggests going door-to-door in your departments to talk to fellow faculty- but admits she does not like to do this. 
Bary states there needs to be some way to be visible at events – host events as well, but the event must be fun and informative. 

Sheri Lazare (Lazare) suggested with the current issues UL is having with UNIV 100 classes and adjuncts, this would be a good way to get involved and show/inform how AAUP can benefit by them being members. 

Smith asked if there was a way to get a list of who the new faculty are that attend orientation each semester, and follow up once the semester starts. 

Lewis Denton suggested to put a flyer about AAUP in all teacher boxes. 

Denton also suggested a seminar series in which different topics and subject matter could be covered and offered staggered over the semester.  

Goodwin states he is interested in serving on Committee A, but asked if there is any conflict of interest being he serves on the University’s committee that is similar. 
Bary stated she could use Goodwin on the committee in a way that does not create or cause conflict.  It is more important for Goodwin to help than not. 

Bary states she’s interested in knowing more about Academic Freedom for Adjuncts and instructors since they are the teaching force of the university.

Bary stated that Committee A could create subcommittees of Academic Freedom  and can include Faculty Rights. 

Chet Rzadkiewicz (Chet) stated through AAUP, adjuncts are awarded the same protection as tenured faculty. 
Bary confirmed this, further stating why it is important to get others informed. 

Bary stated LSU has good written policies concerning Adjuncts and worth taking a look at and creating some for UL. 

AAUP is important because it forces the university to follow policies and provides more than just job security protection. 

Smith states it is easy to see how AAUP can truly benefit Adjuncts in terms of job protection. 

Smith asked if there is promotional material from AAUP we can get and begin distributing. 
Chet agreed the adjunct issue is very compelling for AAUP and things with the promotional material, it will make it easy to target audiences, i.e. adjuncts. 

Next meeting is Friday, October 20, 2017, at 1:00 pm, in the same room, HLG 109-B.
Meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

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